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RESULTS is back!  The Health & Wellness Team at Active Monash are excited to announce that RESULTS will be returning in February 2021.

Since our last session in March 2020, we have reviewed our health & wellness offerings and have made a few changes to create an environment where members feel included, comfortable and confident to participate their way.

One of these changes includes adding RESULTS to the Group Fitness timetable with the aim of making functional training more accessible to more members at no additional cost.

RESULTS will be reintroduced to our timetables in a phased process and adjusted according to demand and feedback.

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Bookings required for all classes. Bookings available online, via phone or in person.

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Class Descriptions

Our classes have also been updated to allow for this change and to further educate members on the benefits of functional training.

Baseline Fitness

A fun low impact workout that is inclusive for all fitness levels. If you are new to functional training or need to build fitness confidence, this class is for you.

Total body Strength

A class structured around resistance training and compound movements with a focus on improving form and mobility, building strength and overall muscle mass.

Functional HIIT Circuit

High intensity interval training. This class is based on high energy bursts with low intensity recovery using a variety of innovative equipment, a great way to take your fitness to the next level!

Ultimate Cardio 

A high energy class aimed at improving cardiovascular fitness and coordination. Be prepared to have some fun and burn calories with this full body workout.  Suitable for all fitness levels with high and low impact options available .

Fundamentals workshop – Coming Soon

A workshop aimed at teaching members the basics when it comes to strength fundamentals, in a safe and supported environment. This session is open to all fitness levels, beginners are encouraged to attend. If you have been wary to step into the gym or would like to get some tips on your technique, this workshop is for you  


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Last updated: 16 March 2021