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Outdoor Personal Training Now Available

Enjoy some fresh air and restart your training with Outdoor Personal Training at Monash Aquatic & Recreation Centre - Learn more.


With our lives becoming more hectic and our want to be more efficient in the way we train and live, Personal Trainers are becoming a common part of our health and wellness regime.

Personal Training is a great option for those looking to become a healthier and fitter version of themselves.

Whether your goal is to increase your strength or fitness in preparation for an upcoming event, improve your general movement or lose a few kilos to improve your health, our Personal Trainers will provide you with the tools, skills, and knowledge to achieve your goals.

Our Personal Trainers will help you to create positive change in the safest and most effective ways possible, whilst keeping you motivated, and keeping you connected to “WHY” you chose to make this first step.

5 Benefits of Personal Training

  1. Motivation can be a temporary state; a Personal Trainer will keep you accountable to the goals you set out for yourself.
  2. Your Personal Trainer will deliver sessions that will challenge you physically, but ensure that you walk away with a sense of achievement and satisfaction.
  3. Our Trainers will help set the foundation for long-term success, through safe technique and efficient workout programming
  4. All sessions are tailed to your specific goals, ability, and needs.
  5. A 30-minute session means you’re in and out, whilst still achieving an amazing workout!

Why our clients train with Active Monash:

  • Fun and enjoyment – Our clients keep coming back because they enjoy the experience.
  • Our trainers care about our clients and their journey towards a happier, healthier lifestyle.
  • Our clients love the challenge that is thrown at them each session. No sessions will ever be the same.
  • Active Monash Personal Trainers are highly professional in their communication and programming of each session. 

Learn more about Outdoor Personal Training.

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Last updated: 24 February 2021