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Virtual Timetable

Active at Home just got a whole lot better.

Join your favourite group fitness instructors and classes from the comfort of your home.

The following classes will be available on our FB page at the listed times and you can view previous weeks here.

Remember to share your photos with us by tagging #activemonash or email [email protected]

This weeks timetable

Virtual Timetable – Monday 26 October – Sunday 1 November

Get moving and join your favourite group fitness instructors for the following classes posted on our FB page.

Remember to share your photos with us by tagging #activemonash or email [email protected]

Monday 26 October
7am – Zumba with Tatiana
9:30am – Landmarc/Strong4life with Terri and Carol
12:30pm – Barre HIIT with Fleur
7pm – Wrist Free Yoga with Feren

Tuesday 27 October
9:30am – Step with Joyce
12:30pm – Body weight workout with Graham
5.30pm – Tabata Pilates with Fleur

Wednesday 28 October
9:30am – Zumba Gold with Susanne
12:30pm – Fun Fit with Carol and Caitlin
5:30pm - Core Express with Carol

Thursday 29 October
7am – Chi Gong with Boon
9:30am – HiLo with Cheryl
12:30pm – Circuit with Patricia
7pm - Pilates with Lily

Friday 30 October
7am - Mindfulness with Gayle
9:30am – Strong with Yaleika
12:30pm – Step with Marietta
5:30pm - Foam Roller with Lily

Saturday 31 October
9:30am – Zumba with Yaleika
12:30pm – Balance with Andrew

Sunday 1 November
10:30am – Zumba with Dhakshi
12:30pm – Cardio & Abs with Kate 


Zumba at Home Header

We are excited to announce Zumba classes are now available for our Virtual Timetable.

Get involved here.


Want more classes?

Les Mills On Demand - In support of our community and workforce we are offering a variety of programs for your use. Les Mills also has free pre-recorded classes that can be found here.

Check out Group Fitness superstar Marietta who is performing regular classes on her FB page


Class Descriptions

Barbell Workout - A full body strength workout using a barbell (or substitute)

Barre - Ballet inspired lower body workout, No bar needed

Strength circuit - Workout to improve strength using household items or body weight run in circuit style

Off the couch – The perfect workout based in your living room to improve strength, fitness and posture

Family Fun - A workout for the whole family, get the kids moving.

Strong4life – Workout designed for people over 60 to improve strength and balance

Smashiit – Circuit based high intensity workout

High Energy- Energetic class mixing high and low impact exercises for a sweaty workout

Sweat- High energy workout to make you sweat incorporating cardiovascular and body weight exercises

Chair – Exercises suited to older adults wishing to keep active with the aid of a chair

Active Kids - A fun fitness class to get kids active

Step – Traditional step class but can also be done on a   makeshift step (i.e. the floor)

Functional Training - High energy class that gets your body to move the way it is designed to move and function

Strength and Balance – A class designed to improve the strength and balance for people over 60

Core - A class focused on strengthening and stabilising your core

Muscle conditioning /Full body conditioning– A full body workout designed to tone and condition

Body Weight HIIT – Combination of short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise

Yoga – Yoga class to be enjoyed by the whole family

Pilates- Strengthen muscles that align your body to improve posture and core stability

Yoga & Meditation- Improve strength and flexibility with this mind and body workout, incorporates postures, breathing and relaxation

Stretch - Improves mobility through the joints and flexibility of the muscles

Cardio and Strength - A Gym/PT inspired workout mixing strength moves with cardio exercises by one of our Personal Trainers -Naomi

Jump Rope – High intensity challenging workout with a skipping rope

Low Impact High Intensity workout - High intensity but low impact workout to get you sweaty

Lower body Conditioning - A leg workout to condition and tone muscles

Gentle Yoga – Yoga to be enjoyed by everyone including beginners

Body Weight HIIT – Combination of short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise

Body Weight Tin can work out – A full body workout using tin cans from your cupboard

Sweat- High energy workout to make you sweat incorporating cardiovascular and body weight exercises

Tabata Circuit – High energy workout using time intervals or work and rest to deliver results

Upper Body Salt and Pepper - A fun upper body toning workout using salt and pepper shakers!!





Last updated: 25 October 2020