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What is The Biggest Challenge?

The Biggest Challenge is an 8-week group training program designed to increase your fitness and strength. The Biggest Challenge sessions have been specifically designed to help you begin and progress with your specific fitness goals whether they be Strength, Weight Loss or Flexibility related. 

Sessions are programmed as 'Strong' and 'Lean'. Participants of the program will have access to any 2 sessions per week depending on your focus and availability. Participants will have access to an online platform/mobile app (MindBody) to book into their preferred sessions. 


Is The Biggest Challenge for you?

Are you...

TickMark-01.png Looking for a well-rounded fitness program, that includes ongoing support from a team of qualified Personal Trainers?

TickMark-01.png Looking for a fitness program that focuses on your fitness development?

Do you...

TickMark-01.png Want to live a healthier lifestyle?

TickMark-01.png Want to learn how to perform fundamental movements correctly?

TickMark-01.png Want to increase your overall fitness, strength and aerobic fitness?

If you answered YES to any of the above, The Biggest Challenge may be just the program you're looking for to achieve your fitness goals in 2018!

We've carefully designed this program to deliver and encourage your fitness development. Each Strong and Lean session has been carefully programmed to promote a natural progression in intensity each week that will constantly challenge you and help you reach your goals.

What you'll get:

  • TickMark-01.png Pre-program and post-program InBody Analysis scans (find out more here)
  • TickMark-01.png Launch Session, Strong Challenge, Lean Challenge with all participants
  • TickMark-01.png 2x Weekly Group Sessions at any Active Monash site.
  • TickMark-01.png 45-minute Group Sessions instructed, coached and supervised by our qualified Personal Trainers (see more about the session types below, view session times here)
  • TickMark-01.png Access to the official Facebook Group for The Biggest Challenge
  • TickMark-01.png Weekly emails designed to support you throughout the program, keep you on track and informed about upcoming events.  

Exclusive access to Group Sessions:

Strong Sessions:

Strong SessionIncrease your strength by learning to lift heavier weights in a controlled environment. Lifting weights will strengthen your body, increase your muscle tone and speed up your fat loss, as our muscles continue burning calories long after a workout is completed. Our Strong Sessions are designed to help you learn how to lift weights correctly. As you progress through the program you'll begin learning how to lift heavier weights at lower repetitions and increase your overall weight lifting capabilities.


Lean Sessions:

TBC-Lean.pngHIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is the fastest, most efficient way to get lean. In Lean Sessions, you'll perform high-intensity exercises followed by a short period of rest. Maximise your fat loss in our Lean sessions! HIIT is great at strengthening your cardiovascular system, increasing your 'mental toughness' and challenging your fast-twitch muscle fibres — the fibres that are great for strength, power, sculpting and toning.


Challenge Sessions:

Throughout the program we will be running two Challenge Sessions for all participants of The Biggest Challenge; Strong Challenge and Lean Challenge. The Challenges will test your strength, fitness, resilience and mental toughness whilst giving you the opportunity to meet new people with similar goals.

Finale Session:

Celebrate your hard work and dedication at our Finale Session at Oakleigh Recreation Centre on Saturday 23 June. Full details will be available closer to the date for participants.


You'll be supported throughout the program by our qualified Personal Trainers with:

  • Weekly Workouts
  • Fitness Tips, Hints and Hacks

Online Community:

  • FREE Access to our Online Community
  • Manage your session bookings via MindBody (through the mobile app or desktop site)
  • Weekly Blogs from our Personal Trainers
  • Weekly emails with tips, events and motivation

InBody Scan:

FREE Pre- and Post- InBody Scans to measure your body composition, including body fat percentage and muscle mass.

Program Options:

Find your perfect training balance with our two training options


Option 1:

  • 1x Personal Training Session per week
  • 2x Group Sessions per week

Option 2:

  • 2x Group Sessions per week


Winner will be determined by their overall percentage (%) fat loss as recorded via their Inbody measurements.

1st Prize:

6-Month Blue Membership

and 6-Month access to PT-Plus 1 Membership

2nd Prize:

3-Month Blue Membership

and 3-Month access to PT-Plus 1 Membership

Blue Membership: Premium membership includes access to all Active Monash centres (MARC, CAHC, ORC). Access to Active Monash Group Fitness Timetable and Pools.
PT-Plus 1: 1x Personal Training Session per week. Access to Functional Group Training Timetable

When does The Biggest Challenge start?

The Biggest Challenge begins on Saturday 28 April with a special Launch Session held at Oakleigh Recreation Centre.


Registrations for The Biggest Challenge are now open at Reception. Have a question before registering? Complete our enquiry form here and we'll arrange for one of our Health & Fitness team members to contact you.

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